Did Putin Just Bring Peace to Ukraine?


Did Putin Just Bring Peace to Ukraine?

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September 4th 23:53 UTC/ZULU Ukraine SITREP: Maybe, just maybe?


all the signs are that the Junta Repression Forces (JRF) have reached their breaking point: this is the moment when a military force suddenly and completely collapses, like a damn which blows out under the pressure of water.  The JRF is not retreating on one, two or even three directions, it is retreating everywhere (except north of Lugansk).  Entire battalions are leaving the front under orders of their battalion commanders and without the approval of the Junta leaders.  At least one such battalion commander is already being judged for desertion.  The entire Ukie leadership seems to be in a panic mode, especially Iatseniuk and Kolomoiski, while the Nazis are mad as hell at the Poroshenko administration.  There are constant rumors of an anti-Poroshenko coup by outraged Nazi nationalists.  And then, there are the absolutely staggering Ukrainian losses.  ………….
Tomorrow will be huge.  Not only is the NATO summit concluding, but the Ukies are meeting with the Novorussians under the watchful eyes of Russia and Belarus.  Apparently topics will range from energy to the peace plan (the EU probably will want guarantees for its gas in exchange for supporting the plan).  The biggest threat now is that the AngloZionists and their Nazi allies in the Ukraine will be very very angry if a deal is made.  Frankly, Poroshenko is taking a big personal risk, but since his situation is already very precarious, he might have figured that an 11th hour “rebranding” of himself as a “peacemaker” might not be the worst possible outcome, especially if the Germans try hard to protect him.  As for the US, it might turn to its time-honored tradition and simply dump Poroshenko.  My biggest concern are the bona fide Nazis a la Iarosh, Timoshenko, Iatseniuk or Tiagnibok who will be absolutely outraged at any deal made with Putin.  Likewise, the oligarchs like Akhmetov and Kolomoiski (who hate each other) will also be furious, as will Hunter Biden……..

What the Ukraine really needs right now is a real process of denazification.  There is another “Ukraine” out there, at least potentially if not historically, which could be very different from the Banderastan the AngloZionists have created.  Yes, Ukrainian nationalism is the product of centuries of west European machinations and conspiracies, but this does not mean that it has to forever remain hostage of the hateful forces which have created it.  For one thing, this conflict has constantly obfuscated the fact that most Ukrainians and most Russians want an independent Ukraine to exist.  This will be hard to prove at this point, but I believe that the only region of the ex-Ukraine which really wanted to join Russia was Crimea.  The Donbass would have settled for much less.  I am absolutely convinced that the stupid Nazis really did it to themselves, that blinded by their rabid hatred of everything Russia or Orthodox they simply could not help act the way they did, because it was “in their nature“.  Now it is too late to turn things around, you cannot magically undo that horrible and crazy civil war.  But it might be possible to use the reflexion about the causes and results of this outcome to push for a real denazification of the Ukraine.  After all, no matter how brainwashed they currently are, most Ukrainians will come to realize that it took the crazy Ukie nationalists only 6 months to completely destroy their country and that all that this sick ideology of hatred and ignorance brought them is poverty, violence, humiliation and death.  But I am looking way to far ahead.

The brigade Prizrak (Ghost) commander Alexey Mozgovoy: Against oligarchs and false politicians. And for the people!




Concerning giving up on Strelkov and giving up altogether. So many people don’t like and don’t want to go through with what was started till its logical end! They have nothing but money, offices and briefcases in their heads! What did the people of the South-East stand up for? Did they stand up just to lose so many human lives, jobs and confidence in the future? If we are fighting for the people’s interests, who else but the people should decide the outcome of this fight? Who of so-called members of the government of the DPR and LPR has asked for the opinion of the militia that are losing their friends in battles or for the opinion of people who have lost their fathers, sons and daughters in this battle for the right to live free and choose their own way?! I think nobody has. All this looks like a farce, a performance in which the people of Novorossia is to play a role of extras. There have already been several stages of “giving up” on Novorossia, including Igor Strelkov’s resignation. Now, in my opinion, we are experiencing another attempt, by means of negotiations, to stop the resistance and prevent destruction of the oligarchic power in Ukraine. The fifth column is on move… The power passing from oligarchs to the people, it’s a nightmare for the so-called world community. Since long ago everyone has realized that the world is ruled by likes of Valtsmans, Chubayses and Rockefellers. To deprive them of the power, it’s like death to them! What can we see now? AGREEMENTS! Who with?! Honourable Kuchma is at the table of negotiations! During his rule moneybags were just getting momentum and increasing their appetite! Corruption soared to inexplicable heights. He should be tried, not invited to negotiations! What will happen to a special status of Novorossia when there are the same killers for dollars nearby? What guarantees can be discussed with persons who have excluded the word TRUTH from their vocabulary? It’s only Kiev’s capitulation that can resolve nowadays’ situation. It’s only separation of business from the power that can give an opportunity to build a state with a human face. It’s only a trial on all those in power, on the “elite” of the society that can give an opportunity to give the people back their self-esteem and dignity. Otherwise, everything will be in vain, both slogans and victims. Do we want to remain puppets in the hands of office wiseacres? Personally, I’m not going to tolerate it! We didn’t take up arms only to stop midway. Fear has always been and will always be present; now many people fear the coming winter… But it’s an animal fear. I fear much more to remain a serf, to remain an animal in the hands of glossed feudals. I will go till the very end! Till the moment of achieving the intended purpose! Till the full and unconditional victory, the free and proud Russian Slavic World!

Russian lawmaker suspects Google of spying for Kiev regime


Russian lawmaker suspects Google of spying for Kiev regime

the worst of it is

We all know that Google has been founded by Sergey Brin, but the main stockholder in the company is the Vanguard Group, which also owns the Monsanto company that produces genetically modified organisms. Monsanto, in turn, owns the military contractor company Academi, previously known as Blackwater, which is now fighting on the side of Ukrainian Nazis,” Delyagin said. The expert also recalled that the Internet major had repeatedly faced accusations of making backdoors in its software that can be used by the US National Security Agency.