Ukraine, Russia and what is the Anglo west thinking.


Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my new blog! This is just an introductory post so I’ll keep it short and sweet.

I decided to start a blog because somethings about our ruling class doesn’t sit right. It hasn’t for awhile but now seems worse than ever. Especially after the media frenzy accusing Putin with the MH17 tragedy. It was not only rude to all of Russia for insulting their highly regarded leader, but also to the families of those who died.

Furthermore an insult the people living at the crash site, with accusations. The most horrified would have been those people who were on the ground when it happened. The shock this rain on you then consider that, these people were also under attack by the Ukrainian Army.

In the land that I have lived for the last 30 years the saying “fair go” has been the mantra for everyday life. So to be fair all arguments must be viewed from both sides. Loud unfounded accusations on our side delivers the view from the other side of the conflict a lot more interesting. Theirs is a perspective of reality on the action ground a hell of a lot more real.

A post on these unfounded accusations will come later, when we might be a bit more prepared to remove the rose tinted glasses of OZ and look at that shamefully doggy evidence.

Over the next few months I plan to be sharing posts about the conflict in Ukraine, the bizarre provocations by the Anglo west leaders laid on Russia. The insanely dangerous issues our side of the world isn’t dealing with due to all our mundane distractions. Me, as part of the English, first language, speaking people, who seems to be living in blissful ignorance about real trouble, which may very likely come to our shores in another form. But the kind of trouble our western rulers instigate and cause around the world are cruel, arrogant and negligent to say the least. Ukraine is there in that list.

Do our leaders represent us? Do they even really care about us and our relationship with the rest of the world? Or are they just concerned about their career which entail towing the line of some unelected force? Trust our leaders, who shrill in public, like children. Are they diplomats? and look at the press? all in tune, printing unfounded accusations in a criminal case. For an ordinary person this is a crime, why aren’t these persons of important institutions abiding by the rules? Are they just pretending to hold a high standard?

Thank god Russia isn’t stupid, why would Russia risk lives by engaging the western provocation. As a persons of the western world I’m embarrassed by the behavior these leaders who pretend to represent me. I’d like to present words, videos of speeches and actions by those, far braver, more intelligent and better skilled than I.

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